Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ahh, Taxes

So, I was planning to sleep this morning. I still haven't caught up from spring break; and although Princess Berry sleeps "through the night" fairly often, she always wakes up at 6AM when she does instead of sleeping until 7. So that doesn't translate to much extra sleep for me.

Instead, Mom asked me to sit with my grandmother while she went out. My grandmom has Alzheimers and is quite up there in years as well, so she's getting to the point where she can't really go places easily. I decided to do my taxes over again because I was too tired last night to focus properly. I waited so late because I lost my W-2s. Not surprising. I finally called the hotline and they said to file the form for missing W-2s and send my last pay stub with it. Thank God I had that!

Every year that I've worked and applied for the EIC, they have applied it in turn to taxes DH (Dear Husband) owes from a fiasco many years back. He was young, and naive, and got taken advantage of by a jerk who claimed they were business partners, but somehow managed to keep his name off the books. He maxed all of DH's credit accounts, didn't pay him for the last few months of work, then declared bankruptcy. DH chose not to join the court proceedings, not realizing how badly the guy had screwed him over, and not thinking it was important to look into. So the jerk walked away with a new house and a couple of brand new cars, and DH lost his credit, the house he had just paid off, and a whole lot of motivation. Then a few years later, insult was added to injury when the IRS sent a bill for a large sum of back taxes. The guy had paid him a low amount when he did pay him, claiming it was off the books; but in fact he reported having paid DH quite a large amount, and we had no proof otherwise. He could have taken it to court, but The Man always wins those anyway and DH has a very hard time with conflict.

Anyway, point being that I wasn't very motivated to do my taxes. However, we are hoping this year will complete the amount they are claiming is owed. And I'm glad I redid them, because I must have been suffering from dyslexia last night and not realized how much I qualified for. I think I may get a little back after all! That would make the exhaustion I feel worthwhile.

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