Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I have been busy. Much too busy for this blogging stuff. And I miss blogging, but not like I would if I wasn't busy. So here's a quick update, which I only have time for because taking the GED has turned out to be a whole lot easier than I expected. Also, I'm ignoring the laundry. Don't criticize.

Yes, I'm taking the GED. Not because I didn't graduate, but because the college won't take Mom's word for it that I did. Which I would completely understand and be fine with if I didn't have to pay $95 to prove it. Last night was the first half and tonight is the second. I finished all the tests in about half the allotted time or less. Even the math, which I was very stressed over. The study guide was much more complicated than the actual test. Maybe I got lucky, since there are apparently 182 different possible testing booklets. Yikes!

On Thursday I am taking the CLEP exam for College Composition, and I don't foresee any problems there. I took a look at the sample questions for some others on the website, and came to the conclusion that I'd better just take the math course. With Beginning Psychology, however, I scored 7 out of 10 by going on hunches. So that would be worth studying for. Sociology yielded similar results. I just need to find out which ones will be part of my courses.

I'm starting accelerated classes in March through the KEYS program. It's a program that allows TANF recipients to attend college for one year before starting their mandatory job search. Since I applied around the holidays, however, the necessary connections could not be made between all the various bureaucrats involved before my case was approved. So I had to start the mandatory job search last week. Then was excused from it at the end of the week pending an appointment with my caseworker to officially switch programs. Then I found out the caseworker I was told was mine was NOT, in fact, my caseworker, which may explain the letter I got yesterday telling me I have to come in and meet with a supervisor about my failure to comply with the mandatory job search requirements. Ugh. The letter had to have been mailed last week, so I don't think they are referring to my absence this week. Government is so inefficient.

I made a fascinating discovery about food stamps, though. They come from the federal government as part of the Farm Bill, and are actually an incentive to farmers to grow more food. No wonder the county doesn't sweat that a lot, but comes down all over your business as soon as you apply for anything else. It makes more sense now.

The most irritating part is, I had to apply for child support officially in order to be approved for TANF, and the amount DH was ordered almost meets the amount we are eligible for. So they're coming down all over me - and without a reason because it's their mistake - for about $43 per month. Whatever.

I'm starting ASL classes through a private institution as well. My goal at this point is to be an ASL certified interpreter and mental health professional. Probably an art therapist. I have to get a bachelor's degree before I can obtain interpreter certification, and that will help me earn a living while I complete my master's. In an ideal world. I hope it works out that way.

DH is in rehab again. For 5 days. His mom is running the show now, and suddenly is an expert on exactly what he needs and why nothing else worked yet. She has a religious mentor lined up for him, she's making him attend church, she's making sure his doctors and counselors do what he needs them to do. Get the picture yet? She's caught him stealing from their housekeeping clients twice, but hasn't fired him because she isn't willing to give up that control. The end is nigh. I wish it would just happen already and be done with.

Ever since I told him we won't stay if he's acting badly when we visit, his behavior in front of the kids has greatly improved. I'm glad for that.

I'll be back here eventually, I promise. My next task is to apply for scholarships galore, and hope I get enough to make a real dent in the cost of my schooling.