Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Well, I may as well come out with it. I am getting divorced. And in case anyone cares, I feel fully justified under Biblical Law. And I'm not going to tell you why. So don't ask.

I'll be taking care of the children, and I hope so intensely that he can heal enough to become a healthy co-parent. But statistics say no, and only time will tell.

My parents added a large walk-in closet to the outside of the cabin, which helps tremendously with the clutter. I can't wait for it to be finished so I can arrange my house the way I like it. :)

At school, I'm learning to interview and utilize job search engines. At work, I am struggling to survive a truly abusive supervisor who chose to ignore the two weeks' notice I gave him yesterday. I'm not sure if I should push the issue, or let it slide because don't feel justified in quitting my job while my parents are doing so much to help me get established. Working for him is a nightmare. The minute he walks in the office, all my hard work at self-improvement over the last two years goes right out the door, and I am 13 years old again with DH's mother spewing her venom all over us. I swear he is exactly like her. And I have come too far to let another insecure, bi-polar nutball screw up my life. The only forms of communication he is capable of are shouting, accusation, and complaint. He's a perpetual victim and an abusive bully. He still treats the girl who's been there 17 years the same way, so that doesn't provide much incentive to stick around.

I would just like to say that I think behavioral interviewing is the dumbest idea anyone has had in the corporate world. (And that's saying a lot.) Believing that past behavior indicates future performance is essentially saying that human beings are incapable of change, and will forever remain who they are today/were yesterday. Which everyone knows is ridiculous. Except, apparently, the corporate world.

I have to go, but I am enjoying the classes and looking forward to a real future. Finally.