Sunday, February 3, 2013


I started ASL classes last week. I'm going to love learning sign language. It will take a lot more than I realized to become an interpreter, and I'm still not sure what degree I should pursue first. I'm thinking it might be good to start with an Associate's in Human Services so that I can start working in the Deaf community, and thus continue building the experience I need to become a well-rounded interpreter while I work on a Master's in psychology. Eventually I want to be an ASL-fluent art therapist to work with the Deaf, and a certified interpreter also. Good to have two careers to fall back on, especially since neither is a 9-5 steady job.

Since I have to study Speech-Language Pathology as part of my certification, I may end up working in that field for a time as well. I will be meeting with the college on February 20th to discuss the best course of study. I did well on the GED, and haven't gotten my CLEP scores back yet. I may take another exam or two.

I finally got glasses, thanks to my parents kindly fronting the money. I can see much better, and I have anti-glare coating which helps tremendously. I was not looking forward to attending classes without them. I'm going to start wearing earplugs to my ASL classes too, Our teacher is Deaf, and we aren't supposed to use speech at all during class, plus my tinnitus is getting bad again. So I figure I'll just wear earplugs. That will help remind me not to hit people when they tap me, too. Lol. I hate being touched, and that will definitely present a problem with non-hearing communication.

DH is continuing his downward spiral. He left his mom's two weeks ago and refuses to go back, because she was attempting to control every aspect of his life. But it's not like she didn't have reason to, and he is adamant about not going to a long term facility, so his real motivation is something else. He signed the custody agreement, and the divorce agreement should be finalized soon. I found out there is a warrant for his arrest on bank fraud charges. He tells me he is living on the street, and that by doing so he will prove to everyone how committed he is to staying clean. I really don't begin to follow the logic there. I can only assume he is not thinking rationally.

His mom talked to a woman purporting to be his therapist a few days ago, who says he is doing great and attending all his IOP classes and just wants to come home without being attacked. How do these people get fooled so easily? Is he still that good of a liar, or do they want to be stupid? Supposedly all his urines have been clean for the past two weeks. He has to be getting clean urine somewhere. I just don't believe he would choose to live on the street if he wasn't getting high. He lying about his situation, or he's tricking the program, or both. One of her clients approached her about missing gift cards, and even if he's not stealing it for dope (highly unlikely), his stealing alone is enough to justify not believing a word he says.

My paperwork came for my official acceptance to the KEYS program, so in a week I will start working at the college until classes start. This week I have to do scholarship applications. And practice my new alphabet.


  1. I'm so happy to read these updates! I'm cheering you on all the way.